My year of saying 'yes' – a first-person account

Careful what you wish for, I thought, while sitting at a restaurant and staring down a plate of raw beef on the table. 

2018 is my year of yes – which, to me, simply means saying “yes” to any and all new opportunities that come my way. When I announced this as my year of yes (note to self: don’t make this declaration out loud next time), I assumed it just applied to my new freelance communications business.

However, according to my gleeful husband sitting next to me at dinner, it turns out “yes” includes beef carpaccio, a favorite delicacy of his that I’ve always avoided. Because … well … raw beef!

Say_Yes_FeatureThe first thing I said yes to this year was quitting my full-time job to strike out on my own. I made a firm decision to stick with it for one year and then re-evaluate. Believe me, there have already been several times I’ve questioned myself and wanted to rush back into the comfort of a regular payday.

But I said yes, so I’ve made my peace with the decision.  

That “yes” has given me permission to continue along the path without spending time questioning it – even when business is slow. Since I’m not overthinking my decision, I can focus on gaining clients and turning in good work.

I also say yes to weekly coffee chats with a variety of people: some friends, some former co-workers, some new potential partners. While I get nervous to pitch my freelance services, most meetings have led to good advice, a new networking contact or even a new business opportunity. And if I’m lucky – all three!

When I get a call about a writing project about something I’m not very familiar with, it’s tempting to say no – but that closes the door of opportunity. So instead, I take a deep breath, ask for more details and agree to dive in headfirst.

Saying yes doesn’t mean everything has worked out perfectly. Recently a potential client vanished right before the big project was officially assigned – even after we had agreed on a quote and he liked a sample project I wrote. I was perplexed, but I still don’t regret my decision to try.

The lost project disappointment didn’t last long, either. I gained another client a month later who was able to offer me long-term work.

As for the beef carpaccio? I had two bites and crossed “eat raw beef” off my bucket list. It wasn’t too bad, but I was mostly just happy I didn’t die afterward.

As I was putting the finishing touches on this article, an email popped up on my screen. A friend is getting a group of girls together to visit a local salt cave for a meditative experience. Did I want to join, she asked?

Wait. What?

I can’t make this stuff up. But I can – and will – say yes.

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