Begin valuing today what will matter most tomorrow

The holidays are a time of year when the important things in life—such as family and friends—can get overlooked in the daily static of everyday tasks. But, instead of getting distracted by all the shopping, baking, decorating, planning, and scheduling, what if we placed priority on those parts of our life that have a long-term impact? The people we love and the purposeful work we do, the generous acts and meaningful moments of connection—there are so many opportunities to begin valuing today what will matter most tomorrow.

If you’re craving a life of purpose, here are three ways to start focusing TODAY on what matters most:

Prioritize what is important and urgent over the simply urgent to-dos.
What is the most important action you can take today that will create significant value in your life tomorrow? Categorize your to-do list and prioritize activities and moments that have real importance and urgency in your life.  When you know what holds meaning, you are more likely to say no to one-off actions that feel good today but leave you feeling worn out and frazzled tomorrow.  There is power in knowing that you control the actions that fill you with energy and joy.  Choose to act in alignment with who you want to be, what is most important, and what has value in your ongoing life. By saying yes to the important, and no to the simply urgent, you’ll be living with purpose and building memories that last a lifetime.

Edit your life.
Clear the clutter, those mental and emotional “extras” that won’t stand the test of time. What should you stop doing or thinking? What should you let go of? When you get serious about removing what doesn’t align with your priorities, you’ll be left with what matters most. Give yourself space to breathe, to grow, and to be available when those important people or tasks need your attention.

Look at today as a step in the journey.
While we aim to live in the present moment, living with purpose requires being mindful of the bigger picture. We want to prioritize what’s important for the long term. What you choose to do today, and tomorrow, and the next day, will add up to become your personal journey.  Stay focused by practicing mindfulness and gratitude.

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.

- Anne Dillard

Living with purpose requires prioritizing what matters most, saying no to what doesn’t align with those priorities, and maintaining mindfulness—today and tomorrow.

The holidays are a great time to ensure you’re valuing today what will matter most tomorrow.  Here are a few morning reflection questions and tips to get you started:   

  1. Focus on what matters most. What is the most important and urgent event in your day that will truly matter in the long run?  What would fully pouring into this moment look like?  What potential distractions will you need to avoid?

  2. Clear mental and emotional clutter from your life. What is currently occupying your mental and emotional energy that you can’t control?  What can you think about instead that will bring more joy into your life? 

  3. Today is but one day in the journey. Name one step you can take today to care for yourself—and do it.  Caring for yourself today makes you more prepared to be your best self tomorrow.  Valuing your needs with the needs of others can be a game changer for your energy, vitality and bigger life picture.

Your time is limited and you have a choice in how you use it. Each day is an opportunity to show up in life around those things that will stand the test of time.

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