You are the Author, Courage is your Pen

Some moments resonate long after the day they happen.  Moments so powerful that they define a turning point in life.  My Niece MecKenzie just had one of these moments last week on…

Moving forward through forgiveness

Forgiveness is a tricky concept – in part because it’s often misunderstood. Most of us associate forgiveness with the past. We tie it directly to a specific action that’s already…

Why stepping outside your comfort zone is essential for growth

And why you should get comfortable with being UNcomfortable

There's real power in learning to say 'yes'

“Grey’s Anatomy.” “Private Practice.” “Scandal.”   Three television shows all created by Shonda Rhimes.

Tips for raising resilient kids

And just like that, summer was over and the new daily grind of the school year begins. While most parents breathe a collective back-to-school sigh of relief, transitions can be…

We all could use some linen closet therapy

Our friends over at Start. Sort. Style are back with more helpful decluttering tips – and this week they're taking on the linen closet. I don't know about you, but my linen closet…

From hamster wheel to happiness in 8 weeks

As a busy wife, mom and Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts, Lisa Niederberger felt like she was constantly multi-tasking and juggling plans. More than anything, she felt tired.

The Purpose of Purpose Statements

Living With Purpose – What it means and why it's so important.  We all want our lives to have purpose. We want life to have meaning, tied to something bigger than ourselves. But…

I'm a people-pleaser learning how to say no

In third grade I was sent to the principal’s office for bullying a girl in my class. It was my first conscious feeling of regret and self-disappointment, and I’ll never forget it.

Lower your expectations, and have a blast

My children are precious. Watching their brand new minds experience the world is a privilege that will never be lost on me. They were born pure and content, completely innocent…