Discover the difference between success and well-being

Several years ago, I was working at a media agency. While I’d contributed to different teams and clients, worked on exciting projects, earned a promotion, and received positive feedback on my performance reviews, I wasn’t feeling fulfilled.

I took some time to consider the next steps in my career. There was a clear path within the company—moving up the ladder from my current supervisor position to an associate director role—and there were opportunities to learn about other aspects of the business. This path would be considered “successful” by most people—more power, more knowledge, more influence, more money.


But when I dug deeper, I realized that path didn’t align with who I was and what I wanted. It didn’t reflect my greatest gifts, my deepest passions or my most important priorities. In this time of reflection, I discovered the difference between success and well-being.

Success is focused on achieving a standard that’s defined by others or society. Well-being is personal. It’s about having your actions in sync with your emotions, mindset, and deeper purpose.

That’s why we’re so passionate about living above the line. “Above the line” references a positive measurement of well-being. When you’re living above the line, your actions are aligned with your purpose. You are living to your fullest potential. And in many cases, living above the line will open you up to achieving success—success as YOU define it.

If you’re looking to break away from others’ definition of success and cultivate a greater sense of personal well-being, start with these three steps:


Do you worry that your abilities or actions aren’t enough? Do you feel like you don’t have anything of value to share? Resolve to shut out that negative internal voice. Stop focusing on your weaknesses, and let go of those self-set (and perhaps impossible) standards. Turn around your mindset to focus on growth, learning, and impact.


Maybe you feel like you have to solve everyone’s problems, make more money, come up with innovative ideas, volunteer on a committee, or bring in loads of new business. When you feel pressure from others to perform or achieve something (whether it’s true or not), those expectations can interfere with your vision and leave you feeling like you’re always letting someone down. Instead, find the truth. Get crystal-clear on your own vision. Accept that you can’t be everything to everyone, and stay true to your purpose.


Once you’ve let go of all those internal judgments and external expectations, it’s time to live with purpose. Look at the positive impact you have made and can continue to make moving forward. Use your gifts and talents, your passion and confidence. Do what you’re best at, so you can consistently show up as your best self.


Taking time for self-reflection allows you to uncover your own definitions of success and well-being and live a life above the line:

  • Put a stop to internal judgments and external expectations. What negative thoughts do you need to tune out?
  • Change your mindset. Rather than focus on a certain standard of success, pinpoint your
    purpose. Who are you meant to be? What impact can you make?
  • Align your actions with your mindset and purpose. How can you use your strengths to
    achieve a positive state of well-being?
  • Stay focused on your vision and purpose. When your actions are aligned with your purpose, you’ll live a life of positive well-being. You’ll live above the line.
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