Know your purpose and live it out

Finding your purpose is a journey, not a destination. Once you’ve taken some time for self-exploration, reflected on your life experiences, and identified your unique talents, you’ll likely have a clear sense of purpose. You’ll know you have the strength and resilience, as well as the mindfulness and confidence, to make things happen.

But just because we know our purpose, it doesn't mean we're great at living it out. If you’re not sure how to turn the knowledge of who you are and what you’re meant to be into actionable steps, you’re not alone.


Dana, a participant in Fit Within’s Foundational Growth Experience, came to the program feeling unclear on how to live out her purpose. “When I began my journey with Fit Within, I felt like my life was off balance and I had no control of the things happening to me. I felt myself struggling to be a good teacher, consultant, student and wife. Even though my life wasn’t terrible, I needed something to guide me back to a purposeful life,” she said.

Through exploring her emotions, getting clear on her vision, and taking action, Dana started to make real, purposeful change. “Each week, I dug down deep to participate in the activities or to share my soul with my group,” she said. “As each week progressed, I found myself changing for the better. I was learning new skills and techniques for stressful situations [and applying] them to each area of my life".

I found that discovering your personal truth is the starting point for change. 

- Dana M. 

Learning about herself and developing a positive mindset helped Dana step into living with purpose. “Fit Within helped me change my negative perspective to a positive one and gave me a new outlook on my life. The program helped me become more present and more aware of who I am. It helped me grow within all aspects of my life.”

Are you struggling with what it means to live out your purpose? These three steps will help you gain clarity on how to move forward with passion and impact.

Tap into deep, powerful emotions.

How do you feel when you think about and share your purpose? Our emotions can point us toward the best ways to live with purpose. When we feel energized, valuable, and strong, those emotions are indicators that we’re on the right track. 

Have a clear vision.

A positive outlook and a healthy mindset are crucial to living out your purpose. Focus on your talents, your emotions, and your impact. Build the discipline to consistently make choices that are aligned with your purpose. Your vision of a purposeful life is a starting point, so don’t worry if it evolves and grows as you go. What’s important is staying committed to your journey.

Commit to behaviors that allow you to live out your purpose.

We make choices all day, every day. Each of those actions—each time we say “yes” or “no,” each moment when we start or stop—brings us closer to or further from living with purpose. Align your vision with your behavior. Leverage your talents. You’ll only live out your purpose
when you move from thinking to taking action.

It can take time to figure out how to live out your purpose and to make those behaviors a regular part of your life. Start here and then continue to learn as you go:

  1. Your purpose should fire you up! Think about times when you’ve felt powerful and passionate. How can you do more of that? How can you share that power and passion with others?
  2. What would your life look if you were living out your purpose on a daily basis? Give yourself time to dream, come up with new ideas, or even collaborate with a friend.
  3. Take that first step forward. What’s one action you can take to live out your purpose this week? Go for it!

If your purpose is unclear or you aren’t sure how to best live it out, take our Foundational Growth course. You’ll learn more about yourself and make changes that positively impact not only your own life but also those around you. Are you ready to feel the incredible energy and passion that comes from living with purpose? Enroll today!

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