Play to your strengths & share your talents

Talents matter. When we’re using our talents in valuable ways, we feel a greater sense of purpose, joy, and passion. But when our talents are underutilized, we can experience feelings of frustration, disconnectedness, and a lack of daily passion.

How often do we pause to consider what we’re naturally good at? In the midst of a busy day, we may recognize feelings of fulfillment or frustration, but we may not realize those emotions can stem from whether we’re truly tapping into our talents.

Talent Meter WorksheetWhen we use our talents to the fullest, we feel energized. We reinforce a mindset of strength and resilience. And we also have an opportunity to move beyond ourselves by sharing our gifts with the world. Talents allow us to make an impact and live out our purpose.

So what are your talents, and where do they fall on the talent meter? Our talent meter tool will help you discover whether your talents are being utilized and bringing a sense of purpose to your life.

Identify your top three talents

Choose three things you love doing because they come naturally to you. These are actions or activities that uplift you, get you into a state of “flow,” and bring you joy. If you have trouble identifying three talents, ask a friend for help. An outside perspective can shine a light on your talents in a new way.

Place your talents on the meter

Where does each talent measure up on the talent meter? Do you feel your talent is underutilized and unappreciated, or is it allowing you to create a great impact and feel like a total rockstar? Or does it maybe fall somewhere in between?

Commit to taking action based on your results

Reflect on your talent meter. What do you notice? If a talent fall below the “so-so” mark, you have an opportunity to tap into it further. You can choose to make a change. Think of one or two ways you can bring this talent into your daily life and give it a chance to shine. If you’re already using your talents to their full potential, keep up the good work!


Identifying your talents and whether they’re being utilized is a great first step. But for talents to give you purpose and make an impact, they must be a successful part of your everyday life:

  1. There’s no time like the present moment. What is one thing you can do today to use your talents?
  2. Your talents are gifts, and sharing them will ignite your passion and purpose. How can you share your talents with others on a regular basis?
  3. Listen to your mind, body, and spirit. How do you feel when you are doing what you’re best at?

If you want to explore your talents and how they lead to passion and purpose, join our Fit Within Foundational Growth Experience. When you reconnect with your talents and value the power they play in living out your purpose, you’ll feel more energized, connected, and joyful—while also creating an impact on the world around you. Enroll today!

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