Q&A: How Fit Within helped me find purpose

Stacy Walsh knows a thing or two about stressful situations.

Her husband is a paramedic and she was too, until she went full-time with her Thirty-One business. She’s raising two busy boys, one who is on the Autism spectrum, requiring extra care. She finished an Ironman competition recently despite not knowing how to swim when she first registered.

Some might say the New Jersey resident was overextended. As Stacy puts it, “my purpose was to survive until bedtime.”

That all changed once she found her new purpose while taking the Fit Within Foundational Growth Experience.

So, how did she do it? We sat down with Stacy to see how she accomplished finding inner peace and having a positive attitude every day.

What intrigued you about Fit Within?35416041_10156484063122929_6670835082640490496_n
I normally like to strive for things and reach goals, but things had become out of balance for me. I couldn’t find peace and calm. Cindy Monroe recommended Fit Within. Since I have a lot of respect for her, I thought I would try it. 

How did the Foundational Growth Experience help you, and would you recommend it to others?
I would absolutely recommend it. As women, we’re over-scheduled and overworked. You can forget who you are after you become a mom. I didn’t realize I forgot “me.” I didn’t know what my purpose was – but through Fit Within, I had time think about why I’m here. Before I was just keeping my head above water. 

What ideas and practices have you carried forward from the online program?
Three things stand out.

#1 – Quiet time.
I get up early, pray, read positive messages and just become intentional with my thoughts. I put good stuff in my brain! I focus on gratitude and am conscience of being positive.

#2 – Keeping a Gratitude Journal.
I keep a journal for myself and one specifically about my husband and the things he does to help me. What you focus on will magnify. Don’t internalize the negative, whether it’s how annoying the kids are acting or the one thing your husband didn’t do or the challenges in your business.

#3 – Stay positive.
I refocus every morning on the positive. 

A big part of the Foundational Growth Experience is writing your unique purpose statement. What’s yours?
I want to be someone who encourages others, sees the best in everyone and works to bring that out in them. I want to be someone who builds people up rather than tearing them down. Someone who helps others accomplish their goals and helps them to be their best self. 

How has your purpose statement impacted decisions you’ve made in your professional life?
The purpose statement helps keep me going and involved in my business and focused on gratitude. I love to encourage others to get unstuck. I like to help my team and customer base. I live my purpose all the time – by focusing on helping people have a better day or rise above their situation. 

How has finding your purpose helped you, personally?
When I found my purpose – it brought peace to myself and my family. I feel better and I attribute that to Fit Within. The online program helped me stop and reflect. It helped me to get rid of my inner judge. Our family still has stress, but my husband and I are a team. I focus on the positive with my family and I’m happier and filled with gratitude. 

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