Create the power of choice through mindfulness

Each day, we choose who we are and what we do. That’s the beauty of life. We have the power of choice, regardless of our past experiences or present circumstances.

 So how do we make the best choices? How do we align our choices with our purpose? The answer: by cultivating mindfulness.

Being mindful is about being fully present in the current moment.


A daily mindfulness routine gives us the time and space to be present with our emotions, hopes, and needs. Out of this routine, the best choices in life become clear. We’re able to make confident decisions about how we show up, the actions we take and the impact we make moving forward.

What makes mindfulness powerful?

Mindfulness requires you to be present mentally and emotionally.

How many times have you noticed your thoughts and emotions have drifted to the past or the future? Mindfulness happens when we choose to be present. Focus on where you are right now physically—where your feet are—and bring your energy to that place.

Mindfulness helps you choose how you want to show up every day in every moment.

Your impact exists in the present moment. Make the choice to show up. See the good—and see where you can make changes. Keep your purpose in mind, and take action accordingly.

Mindfulness allows you to show up as who you want to be, not who others want you to be.

Listen to your inner voice. Pay attention to the spark that’s pointing you toward your purpose. Even when others try to tell you who you should be and what you should do, mindfulness gives you the opportunity to quiet those other voices and find clarity. It gives you the confidence to show up as your best self and make decisions that align with the life YOU want to live and build.

Mindfulness replaces daily repetitive actions with thoughtful behavior.

We have a choice in the actions we take. Too often, habit takes over and we don’t give much thought to why we do what we do. Mindfulness interrupts that “going through the motions” or “stuck” feeling. It guides you toward positive action. When you take time to be mindful about your behavior, you can better use your talents, create change, and bring more meaning to your daily life.

Start cultivating more mindfulness in your everyday:

  • Create a consistent mindfulness routine that you can practice daily. For example, bring a thoughtful presence to that moment when you wake up and place your feet on the floor each morning.

  • How do you want to show up today and every day? Focus on who you want to be and the impact you can make right now.

  • Shine a light on the daily repetitive actions in your life. Are they moving you closer to your purpose? If not, use mindfulness to bring awareness to your actions and inspire more meaningful behaviors.

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