Choose to focus on the good

Our brains have a greater sensitivity and a stronger reaction to negative experiences and emotions. This negative bias means we have to work harder to focus on the positive and overcome that imbalance.

The good news? We can cultivate positivity through gratitude. We have the power of choice, the ability to make a change, the opportunity to commit to the next level. Using a gratitude practice can reprogram our minds to see the good.

We see what we’re looking for. It is a choice to acknowledge the positive. When we focus on challenges, frustrations, and what we lack, we see difficulty everywhere. But when we bring awareness to the inspirational moments, our accomplishments (both big and small), and even the simplest things in life, we see what is right and embrace that positive mindset.

There’s science to back it up: gratitude can make us happier. Ongoing behaviors that cultivate positivity, such as reflecting on what we’re grateful for or writing in a gratitude journal, can help boost our outlook and improve our mood—perhaps even more effectively than medication. Gratitude increases optimism, self-esteem, and resilience, helping to combat depression, stress, and social comparisons.

A happy life grows from a sense of satisfaction, an appreciation for simplicity, and an attitude of gratitude.

Gratitude isn’t just about major events and material possessions; it’s also about the smallest moments, most basic things, and people we see every day.

Even in challenging times, look to those simple things that we so often overlook in our busy, day-to-day lives—a family member, the beauty of nature, a comfortable home, a smile—and truly feel thankfulness.

And gratitude is not just about our external world; it’s also about our internal abilities, talents, and strengths. Look beyond what you possess or see, and recognize all the good that exists within you.

When your mind is at rest, is it positive or negative? Use mindfulness to flip those internal thoughts. Immerse yourself in the present, acknowledge the positive, and work to transform the negative with a behavior of gratitude.

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1) Consider when your influence is the greatest. Is it when you’re coming from a place where life feels like an insurmountable challenge—or when you recognize what is good, even amidst difficulties, and embrace hope?

2) How can you be a positive catalyst in your life and in our world?

3) When you’re experiencing a challenging time, pause and reflect on those good things in your life that you may be overlooking. What is the gratitude moment you are walking by, and if you embrace it, how might that change the emotions and actions you bring to the situation?

What you look for is what you’ll find—and what you’ll cultivate. Be the positive change. No one determines how you show up within any given moment but YOU. Use gratitude to embrace that power.

If you’re looking to go deeper and learn to use the power of gratitude to foster positivity and growth in your life, enroll in Fit Within’s Foundational Growth Program. Within the eight-week program, you’ll find a step-by-step process to start living a life of gratitude, aligning your mind, body, and spirit with how you want to show up in life. Tap into the power of gratitude and experience the transformation!

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