Experience true change through candid exploration

How often do you take time to examine who you are and reflect on your unique life story? This type of exploration can reveal your strengths, your passions, your purpose. In turn, that knowledge can fuel massive change in the form of life-affirming actions and limitless possibilities.

This process of exploration, discovery, and change comes to life in Krista’s journey. In completing Fit Within’s Foundational Growth program, Krista discovered so much about herself. “Not only did I learn my purpose and how to live in the moment, but I was able to work through a lot of pain from my past. Because of this, I started focusing on what was important in my life.”

Krista’s authentic, transparent journey of self-exploration propelled her to take action and make true change. “I began to show up and live my life differently. I joined Weight Watchers (for the millionth time), but this time lost 30 pounds—and I’m still going. In March, a job opened at my company in our dream city. Had this job posted nine months earlier, I would not have been ready to apply. 

Because of the work I did with Fit Within, I was brave enough to go for something that seemed impossible. And crazy enough, it worked out.

I got the job. And we moved 800 miles away to a completely different state and started all over again.”

If you’re ready to perform your own candid exploration and experience its life-changing effects, here’s how to get started:

Commit to being open and honest with yourself.
It’s not easy, but when you take a complete and realistic view of your life, anything is possible. Total transparency and authenticity allow you to move beyond your current circumstances, overcome obstacles, and find clarity. Make a personal commitment to deep, honest self-exploration.

Dedicate focus and time to learning about who you are.
In a world obsessed with external beauty and quantifiable accomplishments, we often lose sight of the importance of what’s inside. But your inner self is what matters most. You are—and always will be—the expert of your own life. Invest time and energy into exploring who you are. Identify your purpose, and map out who you want to become.

Uncover your story.
Reflecting on your life experiences and your present life is an incredible way to learn about yourself. All those pieces of your life story—both positive and negative—have brought you to today. Those experiences have value: they can reveal what brings you joy and what needs to change. By taking a candid look at your story, you can discover the actions required to move forward with passion and purpose.

Foster a positive mindset and emotions.
Open, honest self-exploration can feel uncomfortable. It requires digging deep in areas that we often don’t want to spend time thinking about. But that discomfort means you’re making progress. It means you’re growing. And in that space just beyond your comfort zone, you’ll find life-changing opportunities and outcomes.


  1. Be honest with yourself. Where do you feel resistance to self-exploration? Where do you need to be more open?
  2. Prioritize this important work. How can you carve out time and space for reflection?
  3. Look at your life story. Within the ups and downs of your journey, where can you see clues about who you are and who you’re meant to be?
  4. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Acknowledge any tough emotions and know that they are signs of progress and growth. Incredible change is right around the corner.

If you want to move deeper into this life-changing process of self-exploration, join Fit Within’s Foundational Growth Program. Through the program’s motivating videos and impactful exercises, you’ll discover your authentic self, find clarity on your purpose, and cultivate a passion for living every day to its fullest. Enroll today and experience the true change that comes from candid exploration!

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