Let go of the past, suspend the future, and live your real-time life

Every holiday season, I travel to my hometown to visit family. I always enjoy our time together, sharing in family traditions, favorite foods, and plenty of laughs. But I started…

Begin valuing today what will matter most tomorrow

The holidays are a time of year when the important things in life—such as family and friends—can get overlooked in the daily static of everyday tasks. But, instead of getting…

Deepen your relationships with gratitude

Every day, we interact with other people—our family, friends, co-workers, even new acquaintances and strangers. Those relationships are an essential part of life, and nurturing…

How will you show up this holiday season?

Will you choose joy or chaos? Or will you show-up with intentionality? Join Craig as he encourages us to push out the clutter and noise and focus on what truly matters most this…

The power of belonging and connection

During the holidays, we often gather with friends and family to celebrate the season. But for many, this time of year highlights a feeling of isolation.

Moving forward through forgiveness

Forgiveness is a tricky concept – in part because it’s often misunderstood. Most of us associate forgiveness with the past. We tie it directly to a specific action that’s already…

My year of saying 'yes' – a first-person account

Careful what you wish for, I thought, while sitting at a restaurant and staring down a plate of raw beef on the table. 

Tips for raising resilient kids

And just like that, summer was over and the new daily grind of the school year begins. While most parents breathe a collective back-to-school sigh of relief, transitions can be…

Q&A: How Fit Within helped me find purpose

Stacy Walsh knows a thing or two about stressful situations.

Taking the road that's (literally) less traveled

I’m a planner. Yes, indeed. I like to plan the work and work the plan.