You are the Author, Courage is your Pen

Some moments resonate long after the day they happen.  Moments so powerful that they define a turning point in life.  My Niece MecKenzie just had one of these moments last week on her 14th birthday.

Being Native American, we celebrate a young person’s coming of age with a naming ceremony.  The spiritual name represents the individual at their core and acts as a guidepost during the journeys ahead.  Through her spiritual name, MecKenzie will always know who she is and the origin of her community. 

The next great generation of women are being tucked into bed at night within our homes.   They simultaneously experience mental and emotional reasons to believe in themselves and doubt themselves.  Unfortunately, we have limited control over their internal struggle. However, our words and encouragement matter. 

We can encourage our young ladies to stand out instead of hoping they fit in. 

We can champion their fearlessness with self-acceptance and lovingly demonstrate that they have belonging; just as they are. 

I wrote MecKenzie this letter to mark her special moment.  While it’s for MecKenzie, I realized it’s also for every young lady who’s uncovering what she stands for and who she wants to become.  To all the young ladies being tucked in tonight, who represent the next great generation of women, this letter is for you. 

Dear Kmxiknasqt (kem-he ken ah skit) – Bear in the sky,

Becoming a wonderful woman and creating a meaningful life doesn’t happen with the flip of a switch.  It takes a magnificent journey. 

A journey so magnificent that it redefines the meaning of hope, the beauty within challenge, joy within love, the lessons within loss, the deeper meaning of winning in life, and what it means to fully love oneself.  Magnificent journeys sometimes require risking everything that feels comfortable to give your uniqueness and talents a chance not just to shine but shine brilliantly

Magnificent journeys unlock the life you were born to live.  A life where your unique gifts leave an impact and you’re recognized for your contributions, but most importantly known for how you make people feel. 

Of all the journeys you will witness and play a part in over your lifetime, your own journey is a special and meaningful one.  Your journey is the only one you get to author.  You choose the story line, you choose the value placed on the main character, and you choose how each chapter unfolds. 

Your adventure will have moments when you need to be courageous.  Sometimes your courage will be celebrated and embraced by others, which feels amazing.  Sometimes your moments of courage will require walking away from things you once loved, or people you once admired, which doesn’t feel anything close to amazing.

In the end, what will matter most is that you were courageous and fearless enough to choose actions that represent the woman you want to be and were born to be. 

Today signifies an amazing moment.  Today you can commit to fully loving yourself and authoring the next chapters of your life with admiration for who you already are.  You already know you are deeply loved, that you have gifts this world needs, and that you belong right where life has placed you. 

The unknowns are; will you embrace the courage to love yourself even in moments of doubt, will you embrace the courage to choose what is right for you while others choose different directions, and will you courageously make choices that empower your loving heart and endless potential?

While you hold the pen to write your story, you are not alone.  I will always be beside you; cheering you, loving you and accepting you.  I also know I am not alone. I am surrounded by a whole community of people who are also cheering for you and walking along side of you.  Today we celebrate an amazing young lady who is turning into a woman.  Today we celebrate you.

With admiration for the woman you are and the woman you are becoming.

Your champion,




Craig Wiley is the CEO of Fit Within and Transcend Executive Group.  Craig is a renowned coach for executives and people across world.  His passion is coaching others towards lifelong success and happiness through their clarified purpose, passions, actions and personal legacy. 

Fit Within provides exercises and online coaching courses to help you embrace the power of your purpose, talents and impact while improving overall emotional well-being.  Discover how to unlock more passion, happiness and purpose with our Foundational Growth Experience.

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